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Medical Billing.
Patient Retention.
Medical Coding. 

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Insurance Disputes.
Insurance Credentialing.

Services for you.


Empowering teams to thrive in healthcare today. 

4x faster   claim submissions. 
Customized solutionthat drive your practice forward, faster. 

We are your collaborative partner, committed to solving problems together and supporting your practice's growth and success, optimizing your revenue and solving billing challenges
for all types of medical practices.


Our precision billing solutions ensure efficient processing of primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance claims, enhancing revenue, and reducing claim denials.


We track paid and unpaid claims, generate  statements, and provide detailed financial flow analysis, empowering practices with insights for informed decision-making.

  • Process insurance claims promptly with  accurate coding and precision medical billing.

  • Monitor unpaid claims and send Letters of Medical Necessity as needed.

  • Send comprehensive financial analysis and review and communicate changes in medical codes.

  • Execute claim denial management and audit to track, monitor and understand claim denial reasons, codes and negotiate with ensarnace companies as part of our denial management process.


With our comprehensive services, experienced team, and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to streamline your operations, optimize revenue, and enhance patient care, empowering your practice for success.


Want an on-demand view of your revenue flow and claims? We provide real time visibility to give you access and incorporate into your practice management system. We provide all the tech you need - without the learning curve. 


Streamline the credentialing process and ensure timely acquisition of credentials with our professional insurance and provider credentialing services.


Our experienced team manages every detail, provides regular updates, and guarantees complete security and accuracy, allowing providers to focus on patient care.

  • Handle all aspects of physician credentialing with expertise.


  • Provide weekly progress updates and written reports.


  • Ensure security, confidentiality, and accuracy throughout the process.

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Optimize revenue and minimize outstanding debts with our smart collections services.


We facilitate direct payments from patients and insurance companies, reducing internal costs and preserving patient loyalty while effectively recovering overdue accounts.

  • Recover money faster with direct payments from patients and insurers.


  • Save on internal and collection costs with efficient collection strategies.


  • Retain control over the collection process to maintain patient goodwill.

At PrecisionCare Medical Billing Solutions, we understand the challenges practices face and are here to provide tailored solutions that exceeds your unique needs.

Manage revenue cycle, extend credentialing privileges for your healthcare organization

Preventing future denials, denied claims headaches, We learn from very type of denial to identify denial root cause, working to resolve denials with focus and tenacity. Our goal is to increase the cash flow and financial health of your practice and/or healthcare facility with precision medical billing processes and support.

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Transparency in medical billing fosters trust between providers and insurers, streamlining processes and improving patient care.


Dashboard visibility and openness minimizes confusion, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in claims processing.


We pride ourselves on clear pricing and stellar service, without hidden fees or surprises - partnering to deliver the best outcomes and care.

This friendly, customer-first  approach fosters reliability and reduces stress for all, including patients.

By leveraging our comprehensive services, your practice can focus on what matters most—delivering high-quality care and building lasting patient relationships. 


With our support, practices can navigate the complexities of healthcare management with confidence, ensuring a thriving and well-balanced practice and life.

Cohesive framework for practice success, supporting efficient operations, optimal patient care, and  financial and team stability.

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We are more than
just billing. 

Choose the add-ons that work for you. 

  • New Client: On-board & New Credentialing

    +$7 Online Setup
    Get you up and running fast. One Insurance credentialing setup & on-boarding tips to get paid fast.
  • Best Value

    22% OFF: 5 Insurance Credential Setups

    +$160 Setup Fee
    Package pricing for your insurance credentialing setups. Pick them all at once or use as you grow.
  • One at a Time: Add Insurance Credential

    +$7 Setup Fee
    Insurance credentialing is a setup that must be done before submitting to a new insurance company.
  • Practice Management System

    Every year
    +$50 Setup Platform
    Increase your efficiency & patient experience. Big or small this service helps you to focus on care.

Credentialing requires active board certifications and primary source verification.

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