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orthopedic practice with outsourced medical billing services, debt collection and credentialing

Orthopedic Medical Billing 

Navigating the intricacies of orthopedic medical billing and coding requires a keen understanding of medical insurance policies, work comp, medicare billing, denial management, as well as specialized accurate codes for sport injuries, surgery, and other orthopedic procedures and treatments. 

We do it all - allowing you to get back to the work you love. 

Orthopedic Billing and Coding Services for your practice. 

With the unique blend of medical and therapy services offered in orthopedic practices, orthopedic billing and coding accuracy is paramount to ensure proper reimbursement and compliance.


At PrecisionCare Medical Billing Solutions, we specialize in addressing the complexities of medical billing for orthopedic practices, with full practice support we specialize in: denial management, debt collection services, complex orthopedic claims, accurate orthopedic procedure coding, and orthopedic insurance credentialing.


We care. We are fully present for customers, just as you are for your patients. This dedication to our customers makes us stand apart, as one of the best orthopedic billing companies in the US. Our goal is to make you shine. 


Creating tailored solutions to help maximize value, streamlining processes and increasing speed of orthopedic billing, process efficiency, thriving orthopedic revenue, and transparent RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), and general office joy.

Orthopedics Billing and coding, and beyond...

Orthodedic claim coding and submission. ICD 10 grouping and procedure codes. Image of easy happy processor.

Orthopedic Billing, Coding & Management

We handle insurance claims submissions and coding with care, ensuring you get the revenue you deserve. We value each customer and provide 24 hr turn arround on claim submission, delivering prompt, "first time" reimbursement, and proactive error free documentation review to reduce re-work and denials. 

Orthopedic provider credentialing - Add new provider to practice fast. Imaage of procesing physician credentialing

Provider Credentialing for Orthopedics

Our expert team manages your Ortho provider credentialing meticulously, ensuring new providers are processed and credentialed with accuracy, speed and efficiency.


Our process is transparent and works closely with you to increase cash flow and optimize Orthopedic credentialing processing, if needed we can transfer credentialing from other orthopedic medical billing companies.

illustration of happy patient with aweso

Patient Retention Services

We offer patient retention services to foster long-term relationships and maximize referrals for orthopedic practices.

We work closely with you to develop strategies and execute, some popular requests are: newsletters, birthday cards, follow up  or re-connect scheduling, etc..

Ortho claim denial re-submission as part of claim denial manangement. Image explaining Low denial rate make physcians and office menagers happy.

Resubmission, Claim Denial Management 

With our claim denial management process our goal is to continually optimize denial rates, we do this by find the root cause of denials , re-work resubmissions, and evolving processes. We resolve issues swiftly to minimize revenue loss. If a denials happens they are reprocessed with 12 hrs and managed until resolved. 

Patient in Ortho debt collection process, paying bad debt from orthopedic surgery and orthopedic proceedures. Healthcare debt collection, secure payment.

Outsourced debt collection services

With our debt recovery, secure payment, and soft collections solutions, medical practices can effectively recover unpaid bills, collect payments owed, handle bad debt in accounts receivable, and all the while ensure patient satisfaction is maintained.


Debt collection process is both firm and compassionate. Complete orthopedic billing services gives you account receivable and posted revenue view. 

illustration of medical management softw

Practice Management System

Additionally, we leverage technology to optimize practice operations with comprehensive practice management system solutions, or ehr system tailored to meet the specific needs of orthopedic practices - ensuring you only pay for the things your practice needs.

What Our Customers Say

orthopedic doctor and patient illustration .jpg

After 15 years as a practice owner, I can confidently say that PrecisionCare offers the best service and results I've ever experienced. Their ability to successfully negotiate claim returns and solve challenges is truly mind-blowing.


Orthopedic Billing Services 

By leveraging our comprehensive orthopedic billing solution, you and your practice can focus on what matters most—delivering high-quality care and building lasting patient relationships. 

We offer expert ICD 10 coding and fully customized services for orthopedic medical billing needs across your practice. 


With our support, practices can navigate the complexities of healthcare management, orthopedic rcm, outsourced soft collection, and provider credentialing with ease and confidence, ensuring you have a thriving and well-balanced practice and work life.

Comprehensive billing framework that promotes successful practice by facilitating streamlined operations, expedited claim reimbursement. Ensure financial and team stability.
Medical billing software
Billing specialists support
Billing error percent monitoring
Reduce denials wait time
Billing and coding services
Denied claims management 
Eligibility verification
Outsource healthcare collection services

Services for Orthopedic Medical Billing

Do you like error free claims?
Increased cash flow?


It is time to talk today.  

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